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  • Water Blasting

    Hurst provides quality water blasting services and water blasting concrete demolition. Hurst Industrial Contractors provides water blasting services for tank cleaning, surface preparation, tube cleaning, and re-surface preparation.

  • Hurst Provides Quality Construction

    Hurst provides a quality construction job, whether 60 foot trusses or Shotcrete repairs! We also do bulk storage tanks, main frames, and portable buildings! Choose Hurst for your construction projects!

  • Hurst: An Innovative Combination of Services

    Hurst specializes in multiple services, such as equipment installations, steel fabrication, Shotcrete, water blasting, and environmental projects. All these projects are done to the best of our ability, with your satisfaction in mind!

We respond to phone calls and emails every day of the week. We are performance driven by the nature of the business of the customers that we want to serve.

Some of the greatest opportunities this company has ever enjoyed resulted from responding to a request for service on demand.

Our DESIGN-BUILD engineering capabilities set us apart from the other contractors and we follow the money to projects anywhere in the USA. A DESIGN-BUILD contractor can move a proposed project more efficiently and for less expense than most other options available to plant owners. Work items will not turn out any better than the quality of the attention paid to the details of the work.



We offer specialized service meeting the demands of concrete, steel fabrication, motion equipment & piping in both manufacturing and processing environments.


Equipment repairs, installations, retro fits, upgrades, and alignments.
Concrete repairs of floors, walls & super structures, shotcrete.


DESIGN-BUILD of special buildings, foundations on grade & deep foundations, concrete basins & ponds, crane ways, bulk storage facilities, material handling conveyors & bucket elevators, special structures, platforms, machine weldments, piping above & below ground, and mill spout piping.

No Fuss Proposal

Hurst Industrial Contractor, Inc. offers a DESIGN-BUILD 3 step, no fuss proposal to move your project forward

1. The service begins with an agreement to settle all design and costing options with engineering

2. We make an agreement to build the project

3. We confirm the costing and time elements

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For All Businesses

Profit is the motive, Risk is the obstacle, Service is the product.

We have the resources and the skill to deliver what you need when you need it.

Look at our company profile and see what we can do to make your business more profitable.

We design-build small jobs and big ones

We provide specialized services to Processors Manufacturers and Miners across the USA.



“I was pleased to see a job I engineered improved by the attention to details Hurst exhibited fabricating and installing the truss. Plant production was not interrupted and the Owner stated that the truss was an outstanding good job in his plant.”

Sam Vacek PE, Vacek Group