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About Us

About Us

Who Hurst is, and what we aim to do!

About Us

Hurst's Principles

  • Doing it right the first time
  • Engineering is essential to success
  • Solving details before fabrication begins

Steps to a Good Hurst Job

  • Information
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Hurstic's Core

  • Profit is the motive
  • Risk is the obstacle
  • Service is the product

What Does Hurstic Build?

  • We design-build tank foundations
  • We build compressed air plants and buildings
  • We build portable buildings for offices or living

About Hurst Industrial Contractor, Inc.

Hurst Industrial Contractors specializes in serving processors, manufacturers, and miners in the USA with projects up to five million dollars. Hurst Industrial Contractors provide design-build construction and maintenance projects on site.

Hurst Industrial Contractors defines service as - doing what is wanted - when wanted – the best way – the first time”. When you choose Hurst Industrial Contractors Seguin, you get a company that strives to deliver work done better, faster and safer. Engineering and pre-fabrication improves the products and services, and it reduces the risks to infrastructures and personel.

The value you receive with Hurst Industrial Contractors is unmatched due to our attention to details.

It took forty years for Hurst to become a success as design-builders. By following the path of precise workmanship, we have brought on some great technologies along the way that a performance driven industry needs on the job today.

Our long term goal has been the development of skill to identify and solve problems of non-forgiving scopes of work with engineering and testing.

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The Steps to A Good Hurst Job



Hurst aims to keep you well-informed of where we are in the build or maintenance process, allowing you to be in the loop with whatever's going on!



Hurst can fabricate nearly anything required for your job, either on-site or in our fabrication shop. We can fabricate anything from mill cranes to bridges, to your specifications.



Hurst will install your fabricated machines or structures quickly and efficiently. Hurst's crews are trained in using Shotcrete, a proven method of concrete laying, to reinforce or construct your structures.